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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Succulent Sundays (Rare Home Cooking Moments): A Weekly Celebration of My Favorite Personal Food Photography

I very rarely cook at home, like maybe 5 times in the past year, rare.

Here are a few snapshots of my favorite home cooking moments.

Roasted salt & pepper asparagus

Homemade chili with ground pork, buffalo, and beef.

Naan pizza with pancetta, arugula, goat cheese, and pesto

Watermelon, goat cheese, and pesto salad

Spicy skirt steak tacos with sauteed spinach, roasted asparagus and cherry tomato

Chef's Window 6-Course Dinner @ East by Northeast, Cambridge, MA

I've always been a fan of the open kitchens at restaurants. Watching the chefs at work can be as entertaining as the dishes they are pushing out.  It also helps when the chef is personable and interactive with guests.  
Cue the Chef's Window Tasting Dinner at East by Northeast.

Of course Chef Phillip Tang has made an extraordinary name for himself over the past few years after Lumiere, Hungry Mother, and T.W. Food as he serves up pretty amazing Asian street and modern foods.  
He did reveal that a Korean street food event is coming in the near future so BOLO.

Cheesing with Chef Phillip Tang and Tamika!

I picked the perfect time to head over to EXNE after a number of nudges to cross the river by friends who've been and even by their manager Blayne.  

The week after my dinner experience, they are closing for summer vaca and revamping the place in the meantime.  

The space is perfectly understated so here's hoping for just a little sprucing up.  Chef says there will be new paint and such.  
I can't wait to see the new digs and set up my one on one interview with Chef Tang for the "At The Pass with DrFoodie" Series where he will join Chefs Gordon Hamersley of Hamersley's Bistro (Closing after 27 years in the South End at the end of October), Karen Akunowicz of Myers & Chang, Brian Poe of Poe's Kitchen, Tip Tap Room, and Estelle's, Carey Dobies of Savvor Restaurant and Lounge, and more.

The Chef's window seats only 4 people at a time.  Reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance.  
It's meant to be an exclusive one on 4 dinner experience where Chef Tang creates and personally serves each of the 6 courses, reviewing their contents and answering any questions posed by guests.  The menu changes nightly.

On this particular night, me and Tamika Francis, my newest foodie friend and Executive Director of theMove, enjoyed our evening of gluttony.

We started with a amuse bouche of housemade calamari chips served with an aioli of which the flavor profile escapes me.

Housemade calamari chips with cilatro and scallions
I am a lover of toro (Bluefin tuna belly -sashimi- the second fattiest of three levels of tuna belly, above Chutoro and below Otoro).  I enjoy its richness, its slippery tenderness, its superb fatty marbling.  
The belly of most animals has a fatty marbling that is uber appealing - consider pork belly (bacon), lamb belly, and the aforementioned tuna belly.

Chef Tang offered a belly I was not so familiar with on this next dish.  The belly of the swordfish, he says, is largely overlooked as a delectable portion of the fish.  Most of us, of course, focus on the filet (the steak).  While I prefer toro and otoro over swordfish belly.  It was not served sashimi style, but I somehow expected more richness.  It was treated as a ceviche would be and though I enjoyed its texture and mild flavor, it was not a favorite.  
The swordfish belly was served with cubed watermelon and sliced cucumber, asparagus spear tip pesto and watermelon radish ponzu with black and white sesame seeds.
Swordfish belly salad

 The chocking hazard-sized jumbo oysters from Cape Cod, were wisely chopped into smaller but still plump bits of creamy textured flesh, with crispy and crunchy panko coating. 
As a play on the classic Taiwanese dish-oyster omelet, the crisp oyster bits were seated upon a rich, soft egg prep with sweet soy and topped with mint puree and pickled dill all served on the half shell.

I love to hear stories behind a dish or ingredient from the chef.  After bringing a simple, but delicious arugula salad that served as a side for the lamb belly, Chef Tang shared how the poached pears adorning the salad are from a Norfolk Street neighbor's pear tree.  The neighbor offered them to chef as he had no use for so many pears - talk about local sourcing!

The small poached pear, arugula, and watercress salad smartly accompanied tender cuts of tea and peppercorn rubbed, lightly grilled lamb belly.  Pillowy sourdough pancakes served as fantastic bases for sandwich making.  Add a dollop of the red plum and ginger sauce and you've made an excellent edible.
Lamb belly

Everything was superbly spare and just enough to satisfy  until the congee which I happily stuffed my face with even though I thought I'd rupture.  

Congee, one of my favorite dim sum dishes, that can be eaten at any meal, is a porridge-style rice dish typically served with delightful and very diverse toppings from fried shallots to veg to seafood.
Chef Tang's congee was particularly interesting- very New England with a hint of, dare I say, molecular gastronomy.

Lobster congee
  I literally could not stop spooning the contents of this beautiful dish into my face.  
Chef Tang shaving dehydrated miso egg yolk onto my congee.

Chef Tang's congee was topped with poached lobster, lobster butter, fresh sweet corn, chantrelle mushroom, puffed hominy, and shaved dehydrated miso egg yolk created by one of his chefs (hence the molecular gastronomy comment above).  
It was a textural earthquake!

Simply amazing and addictive!
We ended on a sweet, spicy, & savory note.
A beautiful semifreddo was served.

This semifreddo featured a fabulous flavor profile of ginger and carrot with cherry and red wine reduction and topped with toffee and slivered toasted almond.  
The spice and crunch was a perfect combination.

The check came with lovely peanut and sesame cookies.

Thanks to Chef Phillip Tang and his entire team for such a lovely dinner and for endulging out late night stay!  
I will definitely be back for more!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Sol 2014: The Premiere End of Summer Philanthropic Food+Cocktail Event

This will be my third Summer Sol celebration in support of theMove.  This year I am on the host committee.

theMove is an amazing organization focused on connecting a diverse group of urban children and adults to fresh food sources and exposing them to the labor of love that goes into its production.

Summer Sol 2014
  Saturday, September 13th at the Ed Cooper Community and Garden Center (34 Linwood St, Roxbury – Fort Hill) 
5:00pm – 8:00pm.
Enjoy an evening of catered delicacies and stirring cocktails, inspired by diverse international cuisines, and prepared with the freshest produce from our local partner farms + vendors.

All proceeds support theMOVE's powerful work building a movement to connect people with food, through local farm workdays.

Learn more about theMove's Mission:

 theMOVE spreads the power of food
WATCH our brief intro video @ farmvolunteer.org/video
LIKE us on facebook @ facebook.com/farmvolunteer 
Twitter @farmvolunteer
SUPPORT youth on farms @ rally.org/theMOVE

This Year's Sponsors:
and more.

 Here is one of my previous reviews:  Summer Sol 2012

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Succulent Sundays (Riverside BBQ Series): A Weekly Celebration of My Favorite Personal Food Photography

Riverside BBQ Series
Allston, MA

Harry Parker Boathouse


Chef Barry Maiden of Hungry Mother's chicken bbq sandwich
West Bridge's beautiful pickled things
One of the Bands:  
Tigerman Whoa

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Fanciful Feast Reminiscent of the South I Love + Extra Dose of Creativity @Barry Maiden's Hungry Mother, Cambridge, MA

Love the space at Hungry Mother.  It's quaint and charming along with its staff. 

 The bar is intimate and stocked full with fantastic spirits, churned into notable potables by the likes of Lino (previously of Upstairs on the Square, Cambridge) and Heather (State Park & LUPEC Boston).

Had this beauty in cocktail called a "Monkey Flip"
I love a good flip - a cocktail made with one whole egg shaken to perfection with the likes of gin, or rum, or brandy, etc.   
Now, don't freak out, it is an elevation on an eggnog and I'm sure the vast majority of us have sampled eggnog. The velvety richness, the frothy top, the highlighted spirit makes a classic flip so very special.  

The "Monkey Flip is made even more delicious by the presence of one of my favorite amari - Punt e mes- along with a lovely liqueur called Banana du Bresil.

The "Monkey Flip" 

Ron Abuelo Rum
Banana du Bresil
Whole egg
Punt e mes 

A beautiful coffee cocktail created by Lino

Everything, that can be, is locally sourced from the seafood to the cornmeal used for HM's mind-blowing black skillet style sweet cornbread seeping with melty sorghum butter.  Other ingredients are generally from the Appalachian/Mid-Atlantic region. 
Check out HM's purveyors, here.

Skillet cornbread with sorghum butter

Nothing will rock your world more, as a side dish, than the hearty antebellum grits topped with cheddar and peppery tasso ham.  They're cheesy, savory, and all around amazing.  

Welcome to the south!

Antebellum grits

The cuisine is southern at heart with flashes of French influence, as a number of southern dishes (especially in the Southeast U.S.) tend to be.  It's a testament to Chef Maiden's time at Lumiere.

Take the treatment of the wild Burgundy escargot.  These magnificent mollusks were bathed in a beautifully fragrant, savory, herbaceous persillade broth, topped with crisp, salty confit fingerlings, and dollops of "Duke's" aioli.  Duke's is a traditional mayo created by Eugenia Duke in 1917 in Greenville, NC (where my maternal side of the family is originally from in the states).  It is a staple in southeastern kitchens, used for such side dishes as cole slaw, potato salad, and sandwiches.

I also immensely enjoyed another preparation of escargot...
Wild Burgundy escargots & grits tasso ham, shimeji mushrooms in a moderate, fragrant broth
Green tomato, cucumber, goat's milk yoghurt, Texas olive oil gazpacho topped with Maine crab

Cold soups are perfectly refreshing during the summer months, whether asparagus or watermelon.  

I'm a fan of gazpacho.  I think this had to be my first green vs. red tomato gazpacho.  It was fresh and vibrant with added texture and flavors from juicy, sweet Maine crab.

In keeping with the fresh farm-to-table items on the menu, the juicy, sweet corn on the cob sprinkled with andouille sausage crumbs, Parmesan cheese and lime, was simple and delicious.  

I was not a fan of the sauteed collards.  I prefer my collards a bit more tender.

Sauteed collards

A garden fresh, hearty batch of charred corn and cherry tomato relish with pickled okra topped a luscious morsel of pan-roasted bluefish (wild caught in Chatham, MA) on a bed of romano beans, basil oil, and smoky bacon.


Looking for something on the lighter side try one of their dinner salads.  My friend and fellow foodie dinner date (Jen Sutherland of Berkshire Mountain Distillery) enjoyed her green salad piled high with greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, Anson Mills Salt Island red peas, Steen's Cane vinaigrette.

One evening, the dinner salad was made with mesclun greens, smoked and spiced hazelnuts, grapefruit, 
Vidalia onions, and spring cow's cheese.

Is nose-to-tail dining your thing as much as it is mine?  
If so, try the tender waygu beef tongue au jus with dijon mustard, Robinson swiss cheese, on crusty toast 
 the rosemary tagliatelle with confit chicken giblets, soft quail egg, Kentucky Worcestershire sauce, and SarVecchi (a Wisconsin cheese reminiscent of Parmesan).

Beef tongue

Beautiful rosemary tagliatelle with chicken giblets and a soft quail egg

Chef sent out a lovely dessert.  The absolute highlight being the vibrant mint ice cream!

Oh, and don't forget to order a 40 ounce! 

Me & Chef Barry Maiden

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Succulent Sundays (Pigalle- Now Closed): A Weekly Celebration of My Favorite Personal Food Photography

Pigalle (Now Closed)
Boston, MA
My full review, here.

 Asparagus soup, served piping hot (not chilled) over butter-poached lobster claw and tail meat, shiitake mushroom, and asparagus tips.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Once Upon a Dinner @ Blue Dragon, Chef Ming Tsai's Boston Restaurant (Fort Point)

 "Once Upon a..." is a new series created to feature my forgotten meal shares.  I will write about meals that I have neglected to blog about whether good, bad, or indifferent.  Hope you enjoy some of my long lost culinary memories, whether I did or not!

I first discovered the brilliant eats and drinks at Blue Dragon at the end of last summer.  I featured the talented John Drew, bar manager and bartender extraordinaire on my then new Featured Tipple(s) of the Month, here.

Since then, one of the menu mainstays is a must every time I visit - the Dan dan noodles!  A spicy, slick sauce over succulent, ground pork, Chinese cabbage, chili, and perfect noodles.

I Asian style pickled eggs whether soy or tea!  The ones at Blue Dragon are lovely with added texture and complexity which I found unique.

Soy pickled deviled eggs with crisp taro straw nest and topping

I was not a fan of the escargot at all.  I found the Thai compound butter and finely diced veg to be a distraction from one of my favorite delicate mollusk.  
Simple treatment is best in my opinion.

Escargot with Thai compound butter with brioche

The pork and scallion wontons were perfect - bold flavors

The hot pot dinner special was just OK.  It lack the extraordinary flavor I expect with hot pot dishes.